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1/2" BSP (15MM)

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11/2" BSP (40MM)

2" BSP (50MM)

3" BSP (80MM)


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About AODD Pumps

Air operated diaphragm pumps are reciprocating pumps where the working elements are flexible diaphragms. The drive is by means of compressed air acting directly upon the diaphragm. Another possibility is hydraulically drive instead of compressed air. At least two valves, one on the discharge and one on the suction side, are necessary. Several types of valves are used. The most popular valves are flap, cylindrical and ball valves.

Air-operated double diaphragm pump is a self promised pump to work hard against huge number of Liquids and atmosphere , donate driver seat to user.

Industries in which AODD Pumps are used - Glucose pump, Grease pump, oil pump, Barrel pump, Toothpaste pump, honey pump, Chemical Pump, Waste Water Pump

It can move anything from fine chemicals (gentle, non-shearing action), to abrasive and viscous slurries (no close-fitting parts, low internal velocities), and almost any other product.

Pump Specialities

  • AODD pumps Can run dry indefinitely without damage.
  • AODD pumps has No shaft seals or gland packing.
  • AODD pumps has Infinitely variable flow & discharge pressure from 0 to pump's maximum by adjusting air pressure.
  • AODD pumps has Gentle non-shearing action.
  • If discharge is clogged or closed AODD pumps stops immediately; no power consumed, no heat, no wear. By opening discharge, AODD pumps flow starts automatically.
  • AODD pumps Operates submerged or with flooded suction.
  • AODD pumps are Self-priming from a dry start.
  • AODD pumps are No close fit, sliding or rotating parts. Low internal velocity reduces wear.
  • AODD pumps Capable of pumping at high temperatures.
  • AODD pumps are Quiet, steady discharge flow without use of pulsation dampener.
  • AODD pumps Safe for use in explosive environments. No electrical hazards or costly motor and control equipment needed.
  • AODD pumps require No pressure relief or bypass piping required because pump pressure never exceeds air inlet pressure.
  • AODD pumps has Pollution-free operation. The AODD pumps even improves air environment in confined areas.